A Child Called It is without a doubt my favorite book of all time! I first read the book when I was in the 10th grade over at Northern High School. Inspirational is the best word I can think of to describe this book. A Child Called It is a fictional account of probably one of the worst cases of child abuse I have ever heard about.

Dave Pelzer describes the suffering he went through as a child while living with his alcoholic mother. Although reading the book was a part of an English assignment, it was a pretty good book and has remained my favorite book since the tenth grade. It was given out to us in class and the book sparked many discussions.

We discussed the struggles of growing up without a prominent father figure, the trauma children gain from going through abuse of that magnitude, and how this pain made him successful on the long run. As I recall, we took this information from the book and used it to try and recapture memories of tough times in our lives and how it made us better people.

 This book had a strong impact on my live because now I look at abusive homes differently than I did before. For example, one of my friends is also going through a situation in an abusive home. Although his situation is not as graphic as Pelzer’s or as dangerous, he is still struggling to feed himself in a home that rarely provides him with food.

Profile view of Author Dave Pelzer, facing left

Since reading this book, I can better understand the relationship with him and his step mother and better advise him on how to cope with it. In conclusion, A Child Called It is a remarkable story made more remarkable by the fact that it is fiction. If Oprah has an opportunity to do a story on this, my hope is that she chooses to do so to raise awareness about this type of situation. There aren’t a lot of people concerned about child abuse these days despite the fact that it is a type of “bullying” that the US is currently focusing on

Furthermore, I don’t know if there are a lot of people who have read this story because it is an interesting book regardless. As I stated before, it is by far my favorite and most life changing story I have ever had the pleasure to read.