If you haven’t heard of EA sports Madden franchise, it is safe to say you haven’t been paying much attention to one of the biggest video game franchises in history. Madden is a cash cow to say the least, and every year EA blesses fans with a new installment boasting new features, improved graphics, and tighter gameplay. Madden has been the staple of football simulators since its inception in 1988 when it was called John Madden Football.

The Madden series as a franchise really began to take off in 2004 when they signed an exclusive rights deal with the NFL to become the only football simulator that can use the NFL’s logos, player likenesses, teams, stadiums, and so on. One thing that someone who has never heard of the Madden franchise should understand is that it is huge!

Through monopolizing the football game industry, EA sports spends less money on developing the game and more on clever advertising tactics. EA Sports generally utilizes commercials, product placement in movies, celebrity appeal, and several other tactics to sell its product.

In the commercial here, EA Sports puts its agreement with the NFL to good use by recruiting various NFL superstars to help promote its product. Typically, EA sports tries to appeal to the teen audience most likely between the ages of 14-21. Therefore, most of Madden’s commercials run during the day when most teens are home from school. A lot of the Madden commercials are also played during the games in between plays, and also during ESPNs segments.

EA sports also goes beyond basic commercials in their marketing strategies by teaming up with other companies like Doritos and Snickers. There are also towels with the Madden logo printed out on them for fans to wave around at games. With this strategy, EA Sports manages to keep Madden in the lives of every possible consumer through these various avenues of advertising.

Is there strategy effective? Yes of course because Madden is one of the most successful video game franchises in history because of this intelligent strategy to keep Madden on everyone’s mind all year round. In conclusion, one may wonder if the success of Madden has to do with the fact that it is the only NFL sports game on the market. This can be argued, but you don’t become one of the best selling franchises by putting out mediocre product.