Sean “Jay-Z” Carter is one of the most famous hip-hop icons in the world alongside Marshall “Eminem” Mathers. He is an artist known for big hits such as “Empire State of Mind”, “Big Pimpin”, and “On to the next one”. Jay-Z is well respected not just in the hip-hop community, but in the business world as well because of the fact that Jay-Z has found a way to break through as an established entrepreneur.

So what do we know from all of this? Jay-Z is big and well-respected. So, for the Miami police department to do this is very offensive to Jay-Z’s character. In the picture, they use a likeness of Jay-Z to paint the image of a gang member. Although Jay-Z is also known for his past legal issues and life as a drug dealer, he has since moved on to better and more beneficial means of business. Therefore, for the Miami police department to use this likeness of Jay-Z to make him look like a gangster is disrespectful. If I were to write a letter to the police department, it would look like the following:

Dear Chief of Police,
I hope you realize many people were offended by that banner you posted on your site. Sean Carter is by no means a criminal, and is likeness should NOT be used to depict one. I am specifically talking about the banner below. I know your people at the station must have realized how offensive this banner was because it is no longer on your site. But, in the future be careful of the images you choose to use on your banners because this can indirectly offend some of the people who may visit your site. Also, this is defaming someone who is popular amongst the population and making him out to look like a criminal when he is, in fact, the biggest hip-hop star in the world.

There is more to read on this story here. In conclusion, the Miami Police Department was obviously in the wrong throughout this situation, most evident because of the fact they have corrected the mistake despite the fact they have not commented on the situation. The thing is, this isn’t an organization that focuses on advertising but whoever made the banner and approved it is the one who was in violation. Hopefully in the future, organizations such as this will become more careful on what type of image they choose to represent themselves. An image that defames an individual should never have been used at all.