Welcome to Baltimore! Baltimore is home to many things like the inner harbor, the Orioles, and many other attractions. Despite the many things Baltimore is known for, none are more important than its home football team: The Baltimore Ravens.

Prior to September, I had only been to M&T Bank stadium (the stadium the Ravens play at) once in my whole lifetime. It was years ago and I barely remember that moment but when I was faced with another opportunity to go to a Ravens game, you can only imagine my excitement.

As I walked through the stadium, you notice many things. One of the main things that teams try to do at home games is push advertisements. With that being said, there were many things I noticed as I strolled through the hallways of M&T Bank Stadium. But the main thing I noticed was how the Ravens organization uses its various resources to build a good relationship with its fans. In actuality, the Ravens maintain a very good relationship with fans and the rest of the community through various public relations practices.

Every home game, the Ravens host various special events in an attempt to get kids active and involved in various sports. During halftime of the game they let kids participate in quarterback and receiver drills to increase relations with the kids while also giving them a chance to win prizes.

Also, throughout the game various commercials featuring Ravens players (both old and new) promoting Ravens related products (see M&T Bank Card) in cooperation with other companies to keep the Ravens on everyone’s mind throughout the year.

This strategy has been very effective. The Ravens have become more popular and favorable this year than any other year since the year 2000 when they won the Superbowl. If I were a part of the Ravens PR team, I most likely would’ve tweaked a little of their already brilliant strategy. I feel like Ravens plays don’t visit enough public city high schools that are not as well funded as City or Poly.

 A good way for the Ravens to truly expand their reach and make a bigger difference would be to lend a hand to the high school students in Baltimore city public schools who are struggling. One of the main concerns parents of these students face is how to keep their children interested in school. If the Ravens were to come visit and get kids interested in their school work and grades, it could make a huge difference in the future.