Sean Carter’s Image Defamed

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Sean “Jay-Z” Carter is one of the most famous hip-hop icons in the world alongside Marshall “Eminem” Mathers. He is an artist known for big hits such as “Empire State of Mind”, “Big Pimpin”, and “On to the next one”. Jay-Z is well respected not just in the hip-hop community, but in the business world as well because of the fact that Jay-Z has found a way to break through as an established entrepreneur.

So what do we know from all of this? Jay-Z is big and well-respected. So, for the Miami police department to do this is very offensive to Jay-Z’s character. In the picture, they use a likeness of Jay-Z to paint the image of a gang member. Although Jay-Z is also known for his past legal issues and life as a drug dealer, he has since moved on to better and more beneficial means of business. Therefore, for the Miami police department to use this likeness of Jay-Z to make him look like a gangster is disrespectful. If I were to write a letter to the police department, it would look like the following:

Dear Chief of Police,
I hope you realize many people were offended by that banner you posted on your site. Sean Carter is by no means a criminal, and is likeness should NOT be used to depict one. I am specifically talking about the banner below. I know your people at the station must have realized how offensive this banner was because it is no longer on your site. But, in the future be careful of the images you choose to use on your banners because this can indirectly offend some of the people who may visit your site. Also, this is defaming someone who is popular amongst the population and making him out to look like a criminal when he is, in fact, the biggest hip-hop star in the world.

There is more to read on this story here. In conclusion, the Miami Police Department was obviously in the wrong throughout this situation, most evident because of the fact they have corrected the mistake despite the fact they have not commented on the situation. The thing is, this isn’t an organization that focuses on advertising but whoever made the banner and approved it is the one who was in violation. Hopefully in the future, organizations such as this will become more careful on what type of image they choose to represent themselves. An image that defames an individual should never have been used at all.


My Trip to M&T Bank Stadium

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Welcome to Baltimore! Baltimore is home to many things like the inner harbor, the Orioles, and many other attractions. Despite the many things Baltimore is known for, none are more important than its home football team: The Baltimore Ravens.

Prior to September, I had only been to M&T Bank stadium (the stadium the Ravens play at) once in my whole lifetime. It was years ago and I barely remember that moment but when I was faced with another opportunity to go to a Ravens game, you can only imagine my excitement.

As I walked through the stadium, you notice many things. One of the main things that teams try to do at home games is push advertisements. With that being said, there were many things I noticed as I strolled through the hallways of M&T Bank Stadium. But the main thing I noticed was how the Ravens organization uses its various resources to build a good relationship with its fans. In actuality, the Ravens maintain a very good relationship with fans and the rest of the community through various public relations practices.

Every home game, the Ravens host various special events in an attempt to get kids active and involved in various sports. During halftime of the game they let kids participate in quarterback and receiver drills to increase relations with the kids while also giving them a chance to win prizes.

Also, throughout the game various commercials featuring Ravens players (both old and new) promoting Ravens related products (see M&T Bank Card) in cooperation with other companies to keep the Ravens on everyone’s mind throughout the year.

This strategy has been very effective. The Ravens have become more popular and favorable this year than any other year since the year 2000 when they won the Superbowl. If I were a part of the Ravens PR team, I most likely would’ve tweaked a little of their already brilliant strategy. I feel like Ravens plays don’t visit enough public city high schools that are not as well funded as City or Poly.

 A good way for the Ravens to truly expand their reach and make a bigger difference would be to lend a hand to the high school students in Baltimore city public schools who are struggling. One of the main concerns parents of these students face is how to keep their children interested in school. If the Ravens were to come visit and get kids interested in their school work and grades, it could make a huge difference in the future.

The EA Cash Cow: Madden Franchise

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If you haven’t heard of EA sports Madden franchise, it is safe to say you haven’t been paying much attention to one of the biggest video game franchises in history. Madden is a cash cow to say the least, and every year EA blesses fans with a new installment boasting new features, improved graphics, and tighter gameplay. Madden has been the staple of football simulators since its inception in 1988 when it was called John Madden Football.

The Madden series as a franchise really began to take off in 2004 when they signed an exclusive rights deal with the NFL to become the only football simulator that can use the NFL’s logos, player likenesses, teams, stadiums, and so on. One thing that someone who has never heard of the Madden franchise should understand is that it is huge!

Through monopolizing the football game industry, EA sports spends less money on developing the game and more on clever advertising tactics. EA Sports generally utilizes commercials, product placement in movies, celebrity appeal, and several other tactics to sell its product.

In the commercial here, EA Sports puts its agreement with the NFL to good use by recruiting various NFL superstars to help promote its product. Typically, EA sports tries to appeal to the teen audience most likely between the ages of 14-21. Therefore, most of Madden’s commercials run during the day when most teens are home from school. A lot of the Madden commercials are also played during the games in between plays, and also during ESPNs segments.

EA sports also goes beyond basic commercials in their marketing strategies by teaming up with other companies like Doritos and Snickers. There are also towels with the Madden logo printed out on them for fans to wave around at games. With this strategy, EA Sports manages to keep Madden in the lives of every possible consumer through these various avenues of advertising.

Is there strategy effective? Yes of course because Madden is one of the most successful video game franchises in history because of this intelligent strategy to keep Madden on everyone’s mind all year round. In conclusion, one may wonder if the success of Madden has to do with the fact that it is the only NFL sports game on the market. This can be argued, but you don’t become one of the best selling franchises by putting out mediocre product.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: A Child Called It

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A Child Called It is without a doubt my favorite book of all time! I first read the book when I was in the 10th grade over at Northern High School. Inspirational is the best word I can think of to describe this book. A Child Called It is a fictional account of probably one of the worst cases of child abuse I have ever heard about.

Dave Pelzer describes the suffering he went through as a child while living with his alcoholic mother. Although reading the book was a part of an English assignment, it was a pretty good book and has remained my favorite book since the tenth grade. It was given out to us in class and the book sparked many discussions.

We discussed the struggles of growing up without a prominent father figure, the trauma children gain from going through abuse of that magnitude, and how this pain made him successful on the long run. As I recall, we took this information from the book and used it to try and recapture memories of tough times in our lives and how it made us better people.

 This book had a strong impact on my live because now I look at abusive homes differently than I did before. For example, one of my friends is also going through a situation in an abusive home. Although his situation is not as graphic as Pelzer’s or as dangerous, he is still struggling to feed himself in a home that rarely provides him with food.

Profile view of Author Dave Pelzer, facing left

Since reading this book, I can better understand the relationship with him and his step mother and better advise him on how to cope with it. In conclusion, A Child Called It is a remarkable story made more remarkable by the fact that it is fiction. If Oprah has an opportunity to do a story on this, my hope is that she chooses to do so to raise awareness about this type of situation. There aren’t a lot of people concerned about child abuse these days despite the fact that it is a type of “bullying” that the US is currently focusing on

Furthermore, I don’t know if there are a lot of people who have read this story because it is an interesting book regardless. As I stated before, it is by far my favorite and most life changing story I have ever had the pleasure to read.