"Even our trash is clean"

Welcome to UTOPIA. Ah, how good has this world become? It feels like just yesterday the economy was taking a turn for the worst and everyone was in panic mode. But, the technological advances that society has made in recent years seem to have given the world’s population a well needed morale boost. I have never seen everyone so happy. Floating police bots that operate at all hours keep the streets free of crime. The advancement of screen technology and the creation of hovering cars have made life easier in so many ways. My mirror has become one of my most used forms of media; it’s a living breathing newscaster. Everything from the latest football stats, to news from other planets, to using my planner and so on is in direct proximity which makes things a lot easier. I know longer even have to write things out, I speak a command or some information, and the command is done and the information is translated into text. Furthermore, I can even project my thoughts and dreams into information. Marvelous! I look forward to making another thought entry, now I must get back to my present.”

"Watch Your Step


Welcome to HELL. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write things down. This present is so tough, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to last. I never thought I would ever see the day when technology turned on us; I don’t think anyone saw it coming. But the more I think about, the more I realize we should have been more careful. The technology essentially came alive; the programming became more sophisticated and independent as opposed to the now primitive technology from the past. Media has taken on a toll on my patience. Robots with built-in video cameras and a portable editing station (in any effort to cut cost by eliminating the need for a cameraman) was nice until it stopped caring about the incident and BECAME the incident itself. Nano technology! Small nano bots from all those movies I use to watch. They do all the manual labor in droves and make things easier for us, but they too developed a mind of their own. Now look at this world. Torn apart from the war between man and technology, the things we created. There’s hardly any place where humans can be human, we’re slaves now. I wish there was a way out. Maybe there is.”

I predict my life in the future to be almost similar to how it is now. Although I think technology and media have a long way to go in pushing the boundaries, I don’t see things too different from now. I don’t see flying cars and hovering buildings, but I do see screen technology being more abundant and more implementation of the Microsoft Surface technology. Information constantly being streamed through any flat surface around the house or the environment, such as news updates is going to harm the television industry.

A typical morning for me: wake up, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth while I browse the web on my mirror (similar to the screen technology video), go back to my room and put on my flat screen TV by voice command, turn on the shower by voice command as well as the scanner in the shower monitors my body and adjust the temperature accordingly. Tech such as this will make journalism a lot easier. Sadly, at this point the newspaper industry will officially be obsolete but the media industry could take a huge step forward. Live streaming media from anywhere to everywhere, perhaps live feedback from people around the globe, and possible much more. Life will be good in the future, if the economy holds up that is.