There are many, many blogs on the internet. Advances in technology have made it simple for one person to voice their opinions (for free!) on the web. This allows other people to chime in and add their own opinions to the blogs if they choose too. One of my favorite topics is Hip Hop music (next to Sports of course). So, its only right that I keep certain sites in mind when I’m looking for information on the latest songs, activities of hip hop artist, certain record label moves, and so on. I really only visit one of these blog sites, but there are a couple of others I visit regularly including: is hands down my favorite hip hop blog site. The purpose of this blog is to deliver brand new hip hop songs to the masses before they even hit the radio. Aside from this, they deliver news about artist signing record deals, general hip hop related news about the artists lives or incidents they may have been involved in; occasionally they have an editorial to discuss these events. This site does a lot of stuff that other hiphop blogs don’t do like “blacking out” on celebrities that exhibit foolish behavior, top 5 post of the day or week, sarcastic captions on each post, and they generally speak their mind on a topic rather than taking an objective view. Also, one of my favorite things about the site is how interactive it is. There is a comments section that allows users to pick a screen name, discuss each post, and generally banter with each other. One of the main staples of this site is how interactive the bloggers themselves get in conversing with the commenter and making hilarious captions in their post. This site seems to maintain PG-13 content for their audience. is another for great blog site for Hip Hop lovers. This would be my go to hip hop blog site if something were to ever happen to RapRadar. They do some of the same things RapRadar does like document hip hop culture, but they do it with a more objective view as opposed to RR. The main bloggers on the site don’t interact with the people who comment nor do they try to be witty or comical with their post. HipHopDX post new music like RR does but at a much slower pace, and they often tend to favor lesser known artist while RR focuses on mainstream artist with less underground acts showing up on the site. The main feature this site boast is the ability for users to rate songs on a scale from 1-5. I find this a very important feature on music sites such as these because it helps users who are navigating the site figure out which songs are generally favored and which ones are not. HipHopDX also provides song reviews as well as album and mix tape reviews, which is also helpful. They generally target a PG-13 and up audience do to their advertising of video game products, and their generally family friendly content. HHDX also post weekly sales figures for hip hop albums that have come out during the week for those who are interested in the sales of their favorite artist. isn’t a blog site I visit as actively as RapRadar or HipHopDX, but it is very informative regardless. is different from RR or HHDX because it is owned by international superstar Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson best known for his hit singles “In Da Club” and for his movie titled “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. 50 Cent himself does not blog on the site himself, but much of the material is based on what he wants to see on his site, his character, and so on. Therefore, the content on is much more mature than on RR or HHDX; 50 Cent sets apart a time of the week to post nude or semi-nude pictures of his favorite models during that week. Aside from this, much of the content on the site focuses on general news in the world and not just news based on hip hop music. When they do decide to post hip hop related content, it is generally new songs from more mainstream artist, or artist signed to 50 cents label. has a poll on almost every post that has new music, or post about women, asking fans to decide if the song/picture is “hot or not”. Lastly, the site is very interactive. Users don’t simply pick a username and post, they can create pages, send gifts, post pictures, and even connect their twitter or Facebook accounts.

I find the most credible source of all is, only because the journalist are well-known and are constantly up to date and fast with every news post. If I were to continue blogging, I would try to combine elements of all three like polls, mature content, and a strong focus on mainstream hip hop music.