The Lion King was my absolute favorite movie as a kid, and still remains one of my top movies of all time even right now as a college student. As a kid I would watch it numerous times and I have even seen a couple times now which is why Lion King is a classic movie.

There are a lot of themes within Lion King, and Disney movies in general, that I can identify more now as an adult than I could years ago. For example, there is always a theme of missing or deceased parents in Disney movies. I read an article that states that the purpose for this is to show the main character be courageous and self-reliant while on a huge adventure that a typical kid would want to go on. I never realized that as a kid but it did help build my imagination and kept me wanting to see more adventures.

There is also a strong emphasis on the importance of friendship in a lot of Disney movies evidenced by the main character never truly being alone. In Lion King, Simba always had Timon and Pumba with him through his bad times and cheered him up when his father was killed. This is an important lesson to teach to kids and I feel like Disney truly made a conscious effort to show kids how important friendship is.

As a kid, I was truly immersed in the Lion King world (I even had the bed sheets). Looking back I feel like the Lion King truly made a strong impact on my life because I also place a strong emphasis on having good friend by your side. Although I don’t watch many Disney movies anymore, I still keep some of the morals preached in their movies in my mind.

Disney culture hasn’t just influenced me, it influences all aspects of our society including music, movies, toys, and so on. Disney has chains of amusement Parks in Hong Kong and Paris as well as many other parts across the world. Some might argue that Disney is over-exploiting the children, as well as the parents, but I feel like in order to develop a product that kids can relate to, you have to show kids using that product.

All together, Disney creates products and moments for the family to enjoy. Disney makes

everything from family friendly movies like Toy Story and Aladdin where friendship and courage is emphasized, to their regular television shows like The Suite Life or Even Stevens that showcases family life and its ups and downs. Through these programs, Disney creates a consistent means of giving families a way to share in each other’s experiences while enjoying regularly televised programs and movies.