How do I feel without all the my electronic devices that I’ve become to so accustomed to? Naked! Its hard waking up in the media and fighting your instinct to immediately turn on the tv. Its hard battling the urge to look over at your phone and check any texts or calls you might have missed over night. Its tough, but somehow refreshing. I felt really good the first morning, I noticed things I forgot were there because I wasnt so focused on a text message or the television. As a result, I got to class 20 minutes early! (my all time record) The drive to school was even smoother. Its been a long time since I actually tuned out everything and focused on driving and not my phone and I really enjoyed it. The tougher task was remaining free of media throughout a full day on a bustling campus like Towson has. This is where A LOT of involuntary media enters the fray. Things like people on their laptops playing music, or the tv in Susquehanna, or music playing somewhere in the distance, it was a tough ordeal! I primarily just stayed in the library and worked on homework all day to avoid the rush of media filling my ears and eyes. Voluntarily, I did use the computers in the labs, but sue me I had homework! But would I really spend my whole day on a computer doing homework? No. Unfortunately I did take the time to peek over to a hip hop related blog site I like to visit. I’m a slave to the music. At home, the lack of media allowed me to exercise a little (because I desperately needed to) and spend time talking to my parents (because I desperately needed to).  Needless to say, I was quick to jump in my bed and just drift off to dreamland where I can use all the media I want! The next day was really much easier to avoid media, I worked 9am to 8:30pm. Music plays all day in our store, but that was the only media I was exposed to on my Saturday because as soon as I emerged from the front doors of Taco Bell, I went straight home and immersed myself back into my dreams. Perfect way to knock out two days of the most peaceful boredom, no?

In all,  I really learned a lot about media exposure. Its often peaceful and relaxing at times to sorta “get away from it all”, but media plays too big a role in our lives in these modern times.