The history of media ia a deep one indeed, enough for a 30 minute video based on the History of Media. The video definately touched on a lot of topics that we have covered in class like the eras, narrowcasting vs broadcasting, globalization and so on. I really enjoyed the video; it was very informative despite being somewhat outdated. The video made me realize that, no television station these days broadcast to a wide demographic. Disney is for kids and anyone who enjoys watching PG material; ESPN on the other hand is for people who enjoy sports of all kinds. The thing is, even when it seems like the demographic is specific enough, it breaks it down further! Its no longer just ESPN, its NFL Network, the golf channel, tennis stations and so on. I never realized there was a term for something like this (I assumed it was wall just broadcasting) but narrowcasting is the primary method of broadcast our television stations use. Is this necesarily a bad thing? No! I dont wanna watch golf coverage, tennis coverage, hockey coverage and so on. If possible, just get me straight to the football and leave it at that! This is the reason for me not watching ESPN anymore, I feel like if theres a station that can narrow it down even further, then whats the harm in that? I’m paying for it anyway.