Naked! (Blog 2, Entry 2)

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How do I feel without all the my electronic devices that I’ve become to so accustomed to? Naked! Its hard waking up in the media and fighting your instinct to immediately turn on the tv. Its hard battling the urge to look over at your phone and check any texts or calls you might have missed over night. Its tough, but somehow refreshing. I felt really good the first morning, I noticed things I forgot were there because I wasnt so focused on a text message or the television. As a result, I got to class 20 minutes early! (my all time record) The drive to school was even smoother. Its been a long time since I actually tuned out everything and focused on driving and not my phone and I really enjoyed it. The tougher task was remaining free of media throughout a full day on a bustling campus like Towson has. This is where A LOT of involuntary media enters the fray. Things like people on their laptops playing music, or the tv in Susquehanna, or music playing somewhere in the distance, it was a tough ordeal! I primarily just stayed in the library and worked on homework all day to avoid the rush of media filling my ears and eyes. Voluntarily, I did use the computers in the labs, but sue me I had homework! But would I really spend my whole day on a computer doing homework? No. Unfortunately I did take the time to peek over to a hip hop related blog site I like to visit. I’m a slave to the music. At home, the lack of media allowed me to exercise a little (because I desperately needed to) and spend time talking to my parents (because I desperately needed to).  Needless to say, I was quick to jump in my bed and just drift off to dreamland where I can use all the media I want! The next day was really much easier to avoid media, I worked 9am to 8:30pm. Music plays all day in our store, but that was the only media I was exposed to on my Saturday because as soon as I emerged from the front doors of Taco Bell, I went straight home and immersed myself back into my dreams. Perfect way to knock out two days of the most peaceful boredom, no?

In all,  I really learned a lot about media exposure. Its often peaceful and relaxing at times to sorta “get away from it all”, but media plays too big a role in our lives in these modern times.


All My Stuff… (Blog 2, Part 1)

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Lets be honest, we use a lot of stuff throughout the course of a day.  Phones, computers, radios and so on. How much media do you think we consume in one day? A LOT! Trust me, because I spent the last two days recording all the different types of media i’m exposed to. The list was relatively long, no surprise there right?

  • My patterns in the morning are generally the same. Wake up, check my phone (1) turn on the tv (2) and check immediately use my laptop (3). Already, that’s three forms of media I’ve used. unavoidable if you ask me. Only been awake 5 minutes and media is already in my face.
  • Typically through a morning I use the same media over and over, my phone, tv (particularly NFL Network) and my laptop. I might check mail from time to time though (4), and while im in my car I just use my phone for music. The radio is DEAD!
  • The route I normally take to school has zero billboards. Maybe a few postsers (5) here and there but thats it. 5 kinds of media repeated about 100 hundred times, and I haven’t even stepped on campus yet.
  • Towson is a huge campus filled with many many things to do, and every building on campus has some type of media within it. Newspapers (6) in every buidling, all types of ads (7) in the library, televisions playing news or sports (8), and so on. Multiply the use of all these various medium by 100 and you’ve used media close to 1000 times in 1 day! See how impoirtant it is in our lives?

Most of my time was spent on my phone. Not really surprising, every person in my age range is also guilty of that im sure. My phone is always the first thing I check in the mornings, and the last thing I look at at night. Usually when i’m on my phone, its because im using my twitter app or my facebook app (ESPN app on Sundays so I can track of the games). This means that I have all the worlds information in the palm of my hands.

Reaction Blog (Media History)

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The history of media ia a deep one indeed, enough for a 30 minute video based on the History of Media. The video definately touched on a lot of topics that we have covered in class like the eras, narrowcasting vs broadcasting, globalization and so on. I really enjoyed the video; it was very informative despite being somewhat outdated. The video made me realize that, no television station these days broadcast to a wide demographic. Disney is for kids and anyone who enjoys watching PG material; ESPN on the other hand is for people who enjoy sports of all kinds. The thing is, even when it seems like the demographic is specific enough, it breaks it down further! Its no longer just ESPN, its NFL Network, the golf channel, tennis stations and so on. I never realized there was a term for something like this (I assumed it was wall just broadcasting) but narrowcasting is the primary method of broadcast our television stations use. Is this necesarily a bad thing? No! I dont wanna watch golf coverage, tennis coverage, hockey coverage and so on. If possible, just get me straight to the football and leave it at that! This is the reason for me not watching ESPN anymore, I feel like if theres a station that can narrow it down even further, then whats the harm in that? I’m paying for it anyway.

New Background, Still Exploring

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Still looking around the Blog and stuff, trying out adding pictures and videos too. Extra Credit Blog coming soon.

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